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What happens when creativity and business are mixed?

Meet our team

Art Bottega started its work in Split in 2018. age. Today our Pineli & Wine Evenings take place in two Art Bottega studios in Split and Zagreb. We are often on the road, so we organize our evenings all over Croatia. The concept of Pineli & Wine implies that you do not have to have previous artistic experience. It is enough to have the desired fun and relaxation in a creative way. The whole story started from Pinelo, or as it is said in Dalmatia about brushes or brushes for coloring, we added a little wine, music and entertainment program, and all the participants remained delighted with the way our team members guide them through this unforgettable experience.

Art Bottega team consists of 5 members in Zagreb and Split. Ivana, Zrinka and Vana will take you through this fun experience in Split in our beautiful studio in Diocletian’s Palace. Dora and Monika will awaken the artist in you in our studio in Zagreb.

Bring your friends or come alone and have fun with us at one of our locations. If you would like to see us at your place, give us a call we will be happy to respond. Have fun with Pinele & Wine

Ivana Filipović

Executive Manager

magician. edu. Phil.

Born 92. in Split. At the end of II. She continued her education at the Universities of Zadar, Bologna and Split and obtained a master’s degree in philosophy and Italian language and literature. She has been cherishing her passion for painting since childhood, and she strengthened her talent by attending an art studio under the guidance of the radica port.

When I grow up, I’m going to be a TV.

Stipe Mamić

CEO & Founder

magician. oec.

Born in Split, graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, majoring in finance. After completing his studies, he worked in renowned world institutions, and spent a year in the UNITED STATES. He poured his life and creative experience into Pinele & Wine evenings.

As long as life runs, I’ll take it easy.

Zrinka Ružičić

Operations Manager

magician. Art.

Born in 1992. in Split. She was educated in Split and Široki Brijeg, and in 2016. Graduated in sculpture. After the academy, he travels, participates and holds various art and performance workshops. With his engagement, he participates in the seven days of creation festival in Pazin. For a period she worked as a fine arts teacher in an elementary school in Split.

Nothing’s going to ruin this day for me.

Vana Christmas

Head Pineli & Wine – Split

magician. Art.

Born in 1994. in Split. Earned the title of Master of Arts education 2019. [Getty Images] In her free time, she travels and volunteers as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

I love only myself, only myself.

Dora Šitum

Head Pineli & Vino – Zagreb

painting student at the Academy of Fine Arts In Zagreb

Born in Vinkovci in 1997. In Osijek, he was educated as a painter’s designer at the School of Applied Arts and Design. He then enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where he is currently studying at the 1st year OF MA painting. In addition to the profession of a painting designer, he also has the profession of a professional makeup artist.

‘Omnia mea mecum porto.

Monica Taborski

Head Pineli & Vino – Zagreb

painting student at the Academy of Fine Arts In Zagreb

RReleased in 1994. in Požega. She graduated from the Music High School and gained the profession of “musician – guitarist”. 2017. enrolls in the painting department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Currently a 4th grader. years of painting in the class of Igor Rončević.

‘ Amicus certas in re incerta cernitur.

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Art Bottega is the perfect workplace for all creatives who like to be surrounded by people. Our Pineli & Wine evenings are based on basic painting techniques in acrylic. Leaders are communicative and open people who know how to animate others and help them realize their first work of art within the set timeframe.

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